Renaissance Wireless Edge Newsletter - Volume 5, Issue 5  May, 2006

1) New Software to Provide Better Hardware
2) Waveguide Feed for High Gain Antenna
3) SatCom Isolators—In-Stock and $24.95!
4) RF Subsystems Soaring
5) New Award for MIDS Isolators
6) Exhibiting 15 years of Growth at MTT-S, San Francisco


1) New Software to Provide Better Hardware
Renaissance has added CST software capability to our engineering department to aide in the analysis and simulation of RF devices from components to Matrix and Sub-system products.

CST was carefully evaluated and found to be very accurate at high frequencies in determining insertion loss and isolation of components as well as overall response when integrated in Switch Matrix applications.

The addition of this tool will further enhance the reliability of our Matrix and Sub-system products.

         Link: Electro-Mechanical Switches


2) Waveguide Feed for High Gain Antenna

 The Waveguide group has recently booked a new development order to engineer a novel waveguide feed structure for illuminating a high gain antenna. The antenna is currently under development for a new deep space probe and will require all the vigorous testing to comply with s-level standard.

The Engineering team is currently developing the basic building blocks for this sophisticated antenna feed assembly which consists of polarizers to generate circular polarization signals, power combiners and phase adjusters. The next stage will be to integrate the complete design into a lightweight, space qualified antenna feed.

         Link: Waveguides


3) SatCom Isolators—In-Stock and $24.95!

Renaissance Electronics Corporation has found another way to meet the needs of its customers. Renaissance just launched its R-Series line of isolators, geared toward typical SATCOM applications including VSAT, tracking satellites, data relay satellites, microwave imaging, and environmental satellites; these isolators, can also be used for other applications.

These In-Stock isolators offer a wider operational frequency range in a compact size, while still being compatible with industry standard designs. Eliminating interference due to multiple reflection, these isolators provide you with low system noise figure and high temperature stability.
The R-Series isolators are $24.95 at a minimum quantity of 100 pieces, and are In-Stock!

         Link: REC R Series


4) RF Subsystems Soaring
The RF Subsystem Product Line is off to its best start ever. Through the first third of 2006, bookings are 75% higher than the same time in the record setting 2005. This product line has grown by over 50% for the past few years and looks to do the same again this year.

This growth has been due to the product lines push into integrated boxes. These devices allow multiple components to be put together offering the customer easier installations and lower costs. Renaissance is looking for any combination of isolators, filters, duplexers, programmable attenuators, LNAs, switches, and combiners to integrate for our customers.

        Link: Base Station Products


5) New Award for MIDS Isolators
Renaissance Electronics was recently awarded a development contract for two isolators that will be used on the Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS) Low Volume Terminals to the U.S. Navy Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) in San Diego, CA.

The MIDS terminals will provide secure, high capacity, jam resistant voice and data communications capabilities for U.S. and allied forces. These terminals will be installed on F/A-18, F-16, EA-6B, MH-60, and B-2 Aircraft in the US and aboard a variety of aircraft in Switzerland, Poland, Belgium, and Taiwan.

This is part of an improvement program for the migration of the Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS) to a JTRS (Joint Tactical Radio System) software communications compliant architecture. The improved product will be called MIDS JTRS.

Renaissance Electronics was selected because of our commitment to excellence in engineering by being ‘technology driven’ and our ability to meet customer delivery schedules with under a 1% product return ratio.

         Link: Ferrites


6) Exhibiting 15 years of Growth at MTT-S, San Francisco
Since its establishment in 1991, Renaissance Electronics has seen a steady growth pattern to better serve its clients. With over 30% of our staff as Engineers, our capabilities and expertise have broadened. Renaissance Electronics has expanded its product lines to include Waveguide components and systems, Basestation Sub-Systems, Switches, Combiners, and Dividers. Our capabilities include simple to sophisticated assemblies and subsystems.

For the third consecutive year Renaissance Electronics has enjoyed over 30% growth in both bookings and sales. Each of our product groups provided significant contributions to help achieve this growth.

Renaissance Electronics looks forward to seeing you at this year’s MTT-S Show in San Francisco, CA. Keep checking your email on how you will receive your FREE flashdrive.

Come visit us at Booth #1716, at MTT-S, San Francisco

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