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HXI Gigalink HDTV

HXI is completing assembly and final testing of a wireless HDTV system to debut at CTIA in April. The Gigalink HDTV-Link provides wireless connectivity between HDTV production camera and video processing studio. Unique to the Gigalink design, is the ability to transport 2 independent uncompressed, un-buffered full rate (1.48Gbps) SMPTE292M video bit streams.

Operating in the FCC Part 15.255 unlicensed spectrum from 57-64GHz, the HDTV-Link product replaces traditional cable or fiber normally used for signal transport.  The Gigalink HDTV-Link system is an ideal portable solution for news gathering or temporary sporting event cinema quality high definition video production applications.

Designed for use with professional cameras, the Gigalink HDTV-Link system is a small, light weight, and portable unit. The system is powered by an on-board battery or 12 volt power source.

The FCC Equipment type certification is in-process and will be completed before CTIA and the NAB trade shows in April.

The HDTV-Link system will then be available for customer demonstrations to include the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) evaluation system for the 2012 London Olympics.

With the explosion of HDTV video production and special 3D-HDTV effects the HDTV-Link is expected to capture a large and emerging market.

Gigalink HDTV

For additional information please contact;
HXI, Sales at 978-521-7321 or Renaissance Sales at 978-772-7774.

Integrated Switch Development  

Renaissance Electronics has developed integrated switch solutions that covers diverse market sectors such as Consumer Electronics, Military, Aerospace, Automotive, Communications, Semiconductor and Medical.  The ability to integrate State-of-The-Art RF components like MEMS, Hermetic switches and 10 Million life cycle coaxial switches in custom specified configurations has yielded highly reliable solutions with unsurpassed MTBF.  Designs are available in standard configuration of reciprocal or non-reciprocal and/or blocking or non-blocking formats.  Renaissance can design and integrate other RF components like LNA's, Mixers, amplifiers, filters, attenuators, couplers, dividers/combiners, and detectors,  to build  custom RF/Microwave switch matrices that meet cost and performance goals.  One of the main features on the remote interface on these products includes a proprietary redundant computer interface option offered for any of the standard remote interfaces (Ethernet / USB / GPIB / RS-422, RS-488 etc).  

For more information please contact Sales at 978-772-7774 or

8MTCA5L WiMAX Repeater

The RF transceiver   proto-type Repeater modules operating at 3650 to 3675 MHZ completed assembly and operational testing is in-process. By following the specs of the FCC Part 90 rules, these units  transmit and receive between 3650 and 3675MHz in the restricted band.  Once the FCC allows certification of unrestricted equipment, we will be able to transmit and receive in the full 3650-3700MHz range.

This proof of concept IF RPTR will be debuted at CTIA in April of 2009 and field trailed with a local service provider inBoston, Ma.

8MTCA5L WiMax Repeater Datasheet click here.

For more information please contact Sales at 978-772-7774 or

71 to 86 GHz Low Noise Amplifier


The HLNAE-374 Low Noise Amplifier covers the frequency range from 71 to 86 GHz minimum and is usable over a wider range.  The unit offers a minimum of 21 dB of gain over that range.  The LNA bandwidth covers the two non-contiguous bands set aside for E-Band point-to-point radios.

The unit employs GaAs MMICs for high reliability and repeatability. 
A higher gain version of the amplifier is also available.


E-Band Point-to-Point Radios (71 to 76 GHz and 81 to 86 GHz)
Test Equipment for Communications and Auto Radar

General Purpose E-Band-70/80 GHz amplifier


    Low Noise Figure
    High Gain
    Single Bias/Internal Bias Sequencing
    Internal Voltage Regulation


    Frequency Range:                               71.0 to 86.0 GHz minimum
    Small Signal Gain:                               21 dB minimum
    Gain Flatness:                                     +/-2 dB typical
    Noise Figure:                                       6.2 dB typical
    Output Power at 1dB Compression:    +5 dBm typical
    RF Input Power without Damage:       -20 dBm maximum
    Interfaces:                                            WR-12, UG-387/U
    DC Power:                                           +6.5 VDC @ 200 mA typical

For additional information please contact;
HXI, Sales at 978-521-7321 or Renaissance Sales at 978-772-7774.

March/April Wireless Edge Newsletter 2009

HXI Gigalink HDTV

Integrated Switch Update

WiMax Repeater 8MTCA5L

Product Release- HLNAE

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LTE/WiMAX Repeaters

Renaissance is pleased to announce that their latest catalog, as of January, 2009, is here for download. It is a comprehensive brochure showcasing the newly expanded line of high quality integrated RF and Microwave assemblies and sub-systems.

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