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Switch Matrices Renaissance Electronics Corporation has successfully developed several custom switch matrices for ATE and other applications by integrating active and passive components, such as power dividers/combiners, circulators, LNA’s, etc., a custom NxM matrix can be realized with standard reciprocal, non-blocking and full fan out options. With over 200 years of combined engineering design experience, Renaissance Electronics Corporation is your single source for custom-built switch matrices that meet your specific requirements, including;

— NxM Matrices
— Reciprocal/Non-Reciprocal
— Blocking/Non-Blocking
— Electromechanical, Solid State or MEMS

Each switch matrix includes an integrated driver with standard or customized interface (GOIB, RS 232, RS 485, USB, PXI or Ethernet with the option of Labview based drivers) along with full documentation. At Renaissance, we can configure any switch matrix from DC to 40 GHz for all power levels and deliver it on-time and within budget.

Some examples of the reciprocal, non-reciprocal, blocking and non-blocking switch matrices designed and developed for the commercial and military applications are shown below:

NEW! MEMS Based 8x8 Switch Matrix:

NEW! DAC/ADC Switch Matrix

MEMS Based 8x8 Switch Matrix: DC to 2.5 GHz

Solid State Switch Matrix 18A2BA: 10-1200 MHz

DAC/ADC Switch Matrix 18A1NA: DC - 500 MHz

RF Head-End Switch Matrix 18A7NA: DC to 6.0 GHz

RF Switch Matrix 18A7NAC: DC to 18 GHz

Base Station Emulator Test System (18 Series Emulator Rack)




LTE/WiMAX Repeaters

Renaissance is pleased to announce that their latest catalog, as of January, 2009, is here for download. It is a comprehensive brochure showcasing the newly expanded line of high quality integrated RF and Microwave assemblies and sub-systems.

Renaissance Acquires HXI

RF Interface DAS Panel
15C2NX Datasheet
15C2NB Datasheet

Coaxial Circulator

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