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Switch Matrices

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Renaissance Electronics has successfully developed several custom Switch Matrices for ATE and other applications by integrating active and passive components, such as power dividers/combiners, circulators, LNA's, etc. A custom NxM matrix can be realized with standard reciprocal, non-blocking and full fan out options. With over 200 years of combined engineering design experience, Renaissance Electronics is your single source for custom-built switch matrices that meet your specific requirements, including;

- NxM Matrices
- Reciprocal/Non-Reciprocal
- Blocking/Non-Blocking
- Electromechanical, Solid State or MEMS

Each switch matrix includes an integrated driver with standard or customized interface (GOIB, RS 232, RS 485, USB, PXI or Ethernet with the option of Labview based drivers) along with full documentation. At Renaissance, we can configure any switch matrix from DC to 40 GHz for all power levels and deliver it on-time and within budget.

Please contact Sales at sales@rec-usa.com or call us at 1-978-772-7774 for a quote or more information

10 1200 MHz, 8x12 Solid State Switch Matrix, 18A2BA
2.0 - 6.0 GHz, RF Head - End Switch Matrix, 18A7NA
20-2500 MHz, 6x6 Programmable Delay Line Matrix, 18A4NAD
24 x 4 Switch Matrix, 18A6BBH
4 X 48 Switch Matrix, 18A6BAZ
40 X 26 GaN Based Switch Matrix, 18A6BAK
5G Testing Switch Matrix, 18A6BAX
6 X 12 Switch Matrix, 18A8BD
700 MHz (LTE) to 6 GHz (Wi-Fi) 48x4 Switch Matrix, 18A6BAB
DC 18 GHz, High Power Switching Matrix Unit, 18A7NAC
DC to 18 GHz, High Power, 8 x 8 Switch Matrix, 18A7BBK
DC to 2.5 GHz, MEMS Based Low Power 8x8 Switch Matrix, 18A7NF-1
DC-500 MHz, DAC/ADC Switch Matrix, 18A1NA
REC Switch Matrices 400-6000 MHz
Modular Switch Matrix Design
Redundant Switch Matrices
Standard Switch Power Handling Capability
Switch Matrix Brochure
Trends in RF/Microwave Switch Matrices
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Data Sheets
New Millimeter Wave Products
.700 .800 GHz, Coaxial Circulator, UHF-Band, 3A2NJM
1.35 2.70 GHz, Coaxial Circulator, 3A4BN
2.5 3.5 GHz, Coaxial Circulator, S-Band, 3A5BAF
2.7 3.7 GHz, Surface Mount Isolator, S-Band, 2SMC5BD
25.5 31.0 GHz, Coaxial Isolator, Ka-Band, 2A9NNW
27.0 31.0 GHz, Drop-In Isolator, Ka-Band, 2L9NJS-ROHS
24 x 4 Switch Matrix, 18A6BBH

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