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Renaissance's ALL NEW Power Divider & Combiner Catalog

Our new Power Divider & Combiner catalog showcases our very latest products including Power Dividers, Power Combiners, RF Splitters, Wilkinson Power Dividers & Combiners, Hybrids, High Power Dividers, Amplified Splitters

Specializing in the 400MHz to 26.5 GHz frequency range, our Power Combiner and Power Divider products are among the most reliable and efficient in the industry.

Additional Data Sheets
4-way Power Combiner Divider

10A3BI-4S Compact 4-Way Combiner

Amplified Splitters

400 MHz Combiners/Dividers

LTE/WiMAX Repeaters

Renaissance is pleased to announce that their latest catalog, as of January, 2009, is here for download. It is a comprehensive brochure showcasing the newly expanded line of high quality integrated RF and Microwave assemblies and sub-systems.

Renaissance Acquires HXI

RF Interface DAS Panel
15C2NX Datasheet
15C2NB Datasheet

Coaxial Circulator

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